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Weekly Themes

We make EVERY  week at camp fresh and fun!

Week 1

eXtreme Camp
June 24-28

Camp Kids Place will start off with a bang this summer! At eXtreme camp, you can expect lots of high energy, adrenaline pumping action all week long! Join us for the return of the eXtreme camp roller derby. The X-games have never been better!


Week 2

Olympic Camp
July 1-3, 5

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July week than by hosting our very own Camplympics?! There will be lots of fun-filled competitions as each camper strives to etch their name in Camplympics History! From discus throws, to team-wide relays, to e-sports, every camper can find a way to show off their skills. We will see you at the opening ceremonies!

Week 3

Rodeo Camp
July 8-12

Howdy y’all! Our rodeo camp will be a wild and fun ride this summer! Water blaster wars will be epic, tug-of-war will be terrific, and rodeo training from our very own Deputy Charlie Dallas will be excellent. All of this fun will culminate in our camp hoedown - can you say yeehaw?!


Week 4

Studio Camp
July 15-19

Lights, camera, ACTION! Join us again for Camp Kids Place’s legendary week where stars are born. Counselors and campers will band together to create cinematic masterpieces starring…YOU. Studio camp will draw to a close with our annual A-camp-emy Awards Ceremony. This Friday film festival honors our actresses, actors, film crews, and this year's best picture. We’ll see you on the Red Carpet!


Week 5

Safari Camp
July 22-26

Escape the ordinary and embark on a thrilling adventure at our Safari Camp! This one-of-a-kind camp offers a fun and enriching experience for children, allowing them to explore the wonders of the natural world and the God who made it. Jump in and experience a wild ride filled with adventures, animals, and amazing activities!


Week 6

Treasure Island Camp
July 29 - August 2

Who’s excited to take to the sea to search for hidden treasure? Join us for Treasure Island camp, where you’ll join a rag-tag band of sailors embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Teams will get the opportunity to create their own pirate origin story, build their own team flag to raise at our rallies, & compete in a campwide treasure hunt! AAARHHH you ready to set sail?

Week 7

Castle Camp
August 5-9

Hear ye! Hear ye! At last, Castle Camp has returned to Camp Kids Place. Castle Camp is a week of captivating and unique adventures that whisk campers away to a realm of knights, dragons, and royal courts. Get ready to conquer legendary quests because the team of the week will have their banner raised at our closing ceremony!


Week 8

Spotlight Camp
August 12-16

For our final week of camp, our campers will display their talents in our 13th annual Kids Place Got Talent. Whether you're a singer, dancer, comedian, musician, or have a never seen before talent, we can’t wait to see your skills! Our 12 semi-finalists get to enjoy a limo ride, pizza party, and a chance to compete for the grand prize. To end camp we will host our camp carnival with prizes and games for everyone!

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